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The Pattern Recognition Techniques for Indirect Immunofluorescence Images Analysis is hosted by the 23rd edition of the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2016) that will be held in Cancun, Mexico from Dec. 4th to Dec. 8th, at the Cancun International Convention Center.

The city of Cancun is located in the southeast of Mexico, its airport has the best international connectivity Country, and a wide range of domestic flights; establishing connecting to 7 cities in Mexico, 24 in the U.S., 7 in Europe and 6 in Central and South America.

Only 24 minutes Cancun International Airport. The city of Cancun is located on the northwest coast of the state of Quintana Roo, in southeastern Mexico, located at a distance of 1,700 km from Mexico City. Major airlines offer various points of departure and flights to Cancun; Cancun International Airport is one of the major ports of entry into the country for all international flights 12 minutes downtown Cancun.

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